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Application Process

Century 21 Bundesen Application Process Guidelines

  1. Please make sure that every adult age 18 and over has completed a separate application form even if rental/residency history is the same. On handwritten application we appreciate your name, phone number, e-mail address be written as clear as possible.
  2. APPLICATION FEE (cash or check issued to Century 21 Bundesen): Each individual applicant is $40. Non-refundable.
    Please do not forget to put your signature on the front and back sides of the application. Your signature is an authorization to verify information, get references, etc. Without a signature on both sides of the application form the agency cannot start the process.
    We ask for a minimum of 3-4 years of landlord references. If you currently own a property or used to be a home owner, please indicate that on the form. If you do not have a landlord history or currently/previously lived with your parents or family members, please put their address, name/s, and contact information.
    a) Please indicate name of the company, hire date (year and month), your title, gross (not net) monthly income, supervisor’s name and phone number (HR department preferable). The same information should be indicated if you have a second or third job. We also require for copies of two of your latest pay stubs to verify income for each position you presently hold. b) SELF EMPLOYED individuals should provide either a copy of the last 2 federal tax returns or four months of your latest bank statements. c) CHILD SUPPORT. Please provide a copy of the court order or monthly statement. d) SOCIAL SECURITY and RETIREMENT INCOME. Please provide a copy of the statements. e) RENTAL PROPERTY INCOME. Please provide a copy of the first page of the Lease that contains these items: lease term, monthly rent amount, tenant’s initial/signature.
    Based on income (applicant or all applicants together should earn a minimum of three times the base rent), credit and rental history or ownership.
    Pet policy is established by the owner of the property. It is NOT negotiable.
  8. APPROVAL: Accurate and complete application will have the strongest chance to be approved by the owner.
    If approved, the home will remain on the market until a rental agreement has been signed and a security deposit has been collected. Upon approval, the first month’s rent and security deposit must be paid in full with certified funds (money order or cashier’s check issued to Century 21 Bundesen) prior to moving in.
    It is our strong recommendation to include a cover/introductory letter, consisting of several paragraphs: a short self-description or description of your family, and any other information that you think is important for the owner of the property to know about you or your family. Additionally, this might include previous rental history, credit history, etc.
    Credit report. Century 21 Bundesen uses an EQUIFAX credit history check, which does not include a credit score. It is a part of the application process that cannot be excluded. A copy of your credit report can be provided by request to be picked up at our will call.Please refer all questions regarding application process to: or 707.762.7777